duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

I am a new sub-group moderator

The new eTwinning group I am working in is Creative Classroom . I was chosen sub-group moderator by the creator of the group, Irene Pateraki, from Greece NSS.
This is her message:

Hello to all,

I uploaded the list with the sub-group moderators until March 2012 in the Announcements. My criteria were people who are active in the group and have some experience. The sub-group moderators should offer their help to the members that belong to their sub-group and be active in the group!!! The sub-group moderators can change after March 2012, so don't worry people who have shown your interest and wasn't chosen...after March you can become sub-group moderators!!

Thank you all for your interest,



Names of sub-group moderators

Daniela Arghir-Romania

Alessandra Palaviccini-Italia

Anna Krzyżanowska-Poland

Cornelia Melcu-Romania

Cristina Nicolaita-Romania

Adil Tugyan-Turkey

Agnieszka Strozna-Poland

Thank you, Irene, for your trust! Cristina :-)

And this is our first work, where I am proud to be a contributor:

miercuri, 12 octombrie 2011

I am a new eTwinning Mentor :-)

This is my presentation for the eTwinning Mentoring action. I am very happy to be among the 25 Romanian mentors and the 250 European Mentors.